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10 Features on BingX that You Need to Know About

As a leading crypto exchange platform, BingX offers a wide palette of features that you should know about as an active user. 

To get the most out of BingX, there are plenty of features to be aware of and explore. One thing is buying and selling crypto, but that is far from everything you can do on BingX. 

The platform makes it possible to trade in many ways through the different market and trading features. You can also explore exclusive programs, events, hubs, and reward features – not to forget about the small quality-of-life settings that can make your experience more enjoyable. 

To introduce new BingX users, or people who haven’t explored the site yet, here are 10 features you need to know about.

1. Copy trading

The first feature we would like to look at might also be one of the most unique. One thing that makes BingX stand out compared to other crypto exchanges is the copy trading tool

Copy trading is an effective way to trade crypto, especially for a beginner but also for experienced traders. Copy trading allows you to copy trades from selected traders with a proven record. On BingX, you can modify how you do copy trading and adjust so it fits your strategy and risks perfectly. 

BingX has dozens of skilled traders that you can copy daily to increase the value of your portfolio.  

2. Efficient Grid Trading

Copy trading isn’t the only variant of trading you can find on BingX. Another tool is Grid Trading, which is a tool that automatically buys low and sells high to gain profit for the trader. In short, you set up a price range, and your funds will be divided into equal shares and operate automatically. When the price of the respective asset falls, it will buy, and when the price goes up, it will sell. 

Grid trading is effective in crypto because it’s such a volatile market where you can benefit from all the swings that happen daily.

On BingX you can create a futures grid, spot grid, and spot infinity grid. All these tools can help you set up grids that fit your strategy and the parameters you want to trade from. It’s essentially a way for you to frame your trades and can be very efficient to profit from.

3. Wide selection of languages

BingX is an international trading platform allowing people from all over the world to invest and trade crypto without much trouble. While blockchain technology already helps break down country borders, the BingX platform helps out with its thorough language filter. 

With a few clicks, you can translate the site into the language that suits you the best. While BingX doesn’t offer all languages out there, there is a wide selection. Let it be English, French, Italian, Vietnamese, and much more. 

Simply click the globe icon in the top-right corner and select your language.

Source: BingX

4. BingX Affiliate Program

If you are a dedicated BingX user, you can use the BingX Affiliate Program. You can apply to the program for free, and if accepted, you will receive some great benefits on the site. 

The benefits include the likes of exclusive backend access, faster withdrawal, lower fees, exclusive 24/7 customer support, and much more. It even opens up for exclusive branded gifts and up to 60% rebate.

Source: BingX

5. Versatile currency adjustments

Just like the language filter from point 3, BingX makes sure that the site is adjusted to the currency you prefer. Navigate to the same globe icon as for the language filter and select the “Currency” tab.

Here, you’ll find a huge selection of currencies to choose from. So whether you are from Europe, Asia, the US, or something else, you can find your currency and make trading much quicker without calculating currencies on a third-party website.

Source: BingX

6. BingX Academy

Besides offering many crypto markets to trade from, BingX puts a lot of priority into educating and teaching about crypto and trading. With BingX Academy, you will find a hub for guides and tutorials that makes your crypto trading journey much easier. 

Here, you will find various topics within crypto, Metaverse, Web3, DeFi, and much more. You can search for the topic you want to learn more about to speed up the process or check out the trending and latest tabs to see what is moving in the BingX Academy. BingX also has its blog, where all the latest news, trends and updates about BingX and the cryptocurrency industry are published.

7. BingX Rewards Hub 

BingX always tries to honour dedicated users, and the Rewards Hub ensures that. In here, users get a little extra for doing certain things on the site. There are plenty of tasks that users can aim to complete to gain rewards. 

You will also find a small “mini-game,” where all you have to do is check in daily and work towards a reward. By checking in each day, you will move one step closer to the reward days. On these days, you can claim various vouchers that can help you and your trading. 

Lastly, you can even gain rewards by following BingX on various social media channels. 

8. Favourable bonuses

Alongside the BingX Rewards Hubs, it’s also possible for users to claim bonuses along the way. The first bonus to look out for is when signing up, as each new user can claim a welcome bonus during your first deposit. The first-deposit bonus allows you to receive up to 5000 USDT in rewards. 

Besides that, you will bump into other bonuses as you proceed by using the platform. You can also refer friends to the website and earn bonus crypto that way. 

9. Advanced Trading Analysis Tools

For in-depth traders who like to dive into the analysis of each trade, BingX is a great platform for you. For each tradeable asset, BingX offers an advanced trading tool that allows you to make an in-depth analysis before trading. 

You will find a detailed graph of the asset and how it has moved in the market over time. With plenty of filters available, you can adjust to get the information you want. You’ll find filters, volume information, and various patterns that you can use for your technical analysis.

Source: TradingView & BingX

10. BingX Events and Promotions

Lastly, all the events and promotions that BingX is running are worth noting. BingX isn’t just a crypto trading platform but also a place where a community comes together. To help boost that, you will find plenty of events and promotions to take advantage of weekly. 

Head to the Promotions Center and check out what is moving at that exact time. You will find a list of events and details on how to participate. By participating in events, you can compete for prize pools and crazy bonuses. The Promotion Center simply adds another layer to all the bonuses and perks you will find trading on BingX. 


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