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A 2022 World Cup Wrap-up Through Crypto Eyes

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is coming to an end, looking to finish off not only with a great match but also conclude a great first World Cup with crypto involved. 

Besides great football with the best players clashing daily, this World Cup has been exceptional in the eyes of crypto. For the first time, crypto sponsors and initiatives have been active during the tournament with everyone’s eyes on it. 

Starting with official FIFA World Cup NFTs dropping leading up to the tournament to leading sponsorships throughout the tournament. One of them is, a big sponsor of the event and visible during every game on the sideline banners. 

After a record-breaking amount of upsets and unexpected results at the World Cup, we are left with the grand final between two giant nations. France will take on Argentina to defend its World Cup trophy from 2018, while Lionel Messi is looking to claim the One trophy he still needs with the rest of Argentina. 

Kylian Mbappe Lionel Messi World Cup 2022


How Crypto has affected the 2022 World Cup

Even if you aren’t the biggest football fan, this World Cup has been very special if you are a crypto fan. The sport is in focus as usual, but on the side, has been a lot of crypto activities to keep an eye on . 

One has been here on BingX, where the big World Cup Carnival has been rolling. It has been a mix of crypto-related events in the World Cup spirit. Users have been able to compete for prizes and take part in fun games to enjoy the ongoing football fever. 

The luckiest have won through the lucky draws while others have showcased their football knowledge, still with a bit of luck, of course. Predicting events have been some of the most demanding challenges, as predicting the winners has been harder than ever during the event in Qatar. Now, only the last prediction is left: who will win the trophy? 

Besides our own event, crypto has affected the World Cup through some of the biggest brands in the world. As mentioned, one of “our own” has been stapled everywhere, with being a big sponsor of the event. 

Visa has also been active in the crypto-related trend with a partnership, and then, of course, the FIFA NFT drop featured memorable goals and plays from World Cup history.  

A World Cup to remember, and crypto was a part of it

Most crypto enthusiasts will obviously, remember this World Cup as being the first where our beloved world was integrated at a high level. But besides that, there’s a ton to remember this World Cup for, as it has already set a mark in the history books even before the grand final kicks off. 

Unlike the usual summer schedule and feeling, it was the first World Cup to be played during the winter. Being held in Qatar, FIFA has to be creative with the schedule to avoid playing in the unbearable summer heat. 

Now that we are mentioning Qatar, this World Cup will also be remembered for political reasons. It’s not something a World Cup wants to be remembered for, but unfortunately, it seems unavoidable. Qatar was a controversial host country right from when it was announced on 12. years ago, and rightfully it has been a topic during the event. 

Luckily, the matches of the World Cup have been more than capable of writing their own history. The World Cup is always home for sensational stories and upsets, but this year has been extra spicy. Starting out with Saudi Arabia beating the finalists, Argentina, followed up by big nations such as Germany and Spain bombing out of the tournament early. Not to forget about Japan and Korea’s feats and Morocco’s unexpected run to the semifinals. 

World Cup 2022: China TV Cuts Scenes Without Masks as Covid Protests Rage - Bloomberg

Moroccan fans, Source: Bloomberg

Looking through the eyes of crypto, all the non-crypto-related stories are valuable. The goal for crypto was to be recognized during the event, and that succeeded through significant events and initiatives that wouldn’t be possible without crypto technology. On top of that, this could go down as the best World Cup in history from a sports perspective, so it was the perfect time to be a part of it. 

The crypto world got a much-needed break during this world cup, where unique technology was in focus. Poor market conditions and big bankruptcy scandals were put aside for a few weeks in the World Cup bubble, and it was a good hiatus before the restart . 

Hopefully, this will be the first of many World Cups where crypto will play a role. A lot can happen before the next one, but everything indicates that crypto will be a part of significant upcoming sports events. The next could be another World Cup, But there’s also a lot of potential for the forthcoming Olympics, which will take place in Paris in 2024. 

As we are all looking forward to the grand final between France and Argentina to wrap up this edition of the World Cup!


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