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An eventful year for BingX: The market sentiment going into TOKEN2049 London

2022 has been a wild year for crypto, but it isn’t over yet, as TOKEN2049 London is starting next week.

TOKEN2049 London will be where many prominent figures in crypto will gather for a couple of days of networking. It will be yet another big event for this year’s busy calendar, but it could end up as one of the last of 2022. BingX has already been a part of the likes of Bitcoin Conference Miami, Consensus 2022, Coinfest Asia, and more this year, but now TOKEN is awaiting.

TOKEN2049 in London will open its doors on Wednesday, November 9, and conclude the next day on November 10. There will be plenty of things to look forward to, whether you are a business or just a crypto fan or investor. Look forward to speakers from Aave, Tezos,, and much more. TOKEN2049 will also be a diverse event, in the sense that any topic in the crypto space will be covered, from NFTs to Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Yet again, TOKEN2049 aims to bring much value to the crypto space through its global events. In what could be the last major crypto event in 2022, this one is important for crypto projects heading into the winter season. 

Even more so, an event with this much valuable networking and education can be what pushes crypto in a better direction long term—considering the overall market sentiments and recent shaky times. In the end, learning from each other in this industry can be a game-changer, and that’s one of the goals TOKEN2049 in London hopes to achieve.

BingX at COINFEST Asia 2022

Something to look forward to, BingX will be at TOKEN2049 London

Alongside many other great projects in the industry, BingX will be at TOKEN2049 in London. Together with Sumsub and ChainUp, BingX will be part of the TOKEN2049 London Cocktail Party. 

The cocktail party will be on November 8 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM GMT. It will include lots of valuable networking in a private setting and plenty of cocktails in the heart of London at the Little Scarlet Door Bar.

It’s a free event, but there will be no guarantees for availability due to limited space. For those who make it, there will be food to keep you going in the intense networking possibilities. Meet up with leading crypto, blockchain, and NFT enthusiasts who will all be there to share the same passion. 

You can register for the cocktail party right now and we can’t wait to see you.

BingX Cocktail Party at TOKEN2049 London

Shaky market conditions can benefit from events like TOKEN2049 London

When people talk about market sentiments in crypto right now, it’s often done with some nervousness and skepticism in their voice. There are good reasons for that, but there are also positive sides that events like TOKEN2049 London can help enhance. 

Gathering to network can prove valuable because even though everyone is theoretically competing against each other to grow, it’s also from each other that we learn. Sharing information and knowledge is the only way that crypto can move closer to mainstream adoption and bounce back from the state that we are in.

2022 has been a year with red numbers across the line in crypto, but there’s still hope that a recovery period is closer than many may think. The overall crypto market has been through quite the recession after big up-swings during the pandemic. As the world has opened back up, people are shifting their money in other directions, and the crypto market has been one of the first to feel that the hard way. 

That said, a recession isn’t necessarily bad, as the crypto space needed one in many ways. Thousands of new projects across the crypto space popped up during 2020 and 2021; this year, it has been time to see who “the real ones” were.

Photo via: TOKEN2049

Both businesses and investors have felt the state of the market the hard way in 2022, as the big hype wave has died down. Luckily, brighter days should be ahead as optimism is starting to return in the crypto space. Getting rid of unsustainable and even rug-pull projects will be healthy long term, even though it’s hard right now. 

There’s still a lot of potential in the crypto business, and events like TOKEN2049 help bring that out in the open. Shining light on the stable projects with lots of potential is what will bring crypto back on another upswing. There’s plenty of room to grow, and just like the last crypto recession, it’s all about patience and believing in the essence of the project. 

With the year coming to a close, 2023 could be when the market starts to rebound, and the best projects will help each other improve. TOKEN2049 London is an important event to take the next step towards that, and we can’t wait for it to get going. 

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