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BingX Supports Access to Binance’s API, Pioneering a New Paradigm of Cryptocurrency Social Trading

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We are pleased to announce that BingX has enabled traders to access Binance’s API. As one of the most important innovations in the global cryptocurrency industry this year, BingX pioneered supporting other cryptocurrency exchange’s API based on its social trading function. The move aims to expand the influence of high-quality traders and to best reflect the traders’ real cryptocurrency trading ability.

BingX empowers quality traders through continuous optimization, innovation, diversification and more flexibility. This functional update is expected to provide a benchmark product for the contract market, while creating an automated bridge between professional and retail investors for mutual benefit. We will be committed to help amateur investors accurately search for professional contract trading masters.

BingX’s opening up of its API to support access to Binance is just the beginning of what will be the consolidation of trader resources on more cryptocurrency exchanges in the future. Users will be able to track the trading strategies of the world’s best traders, breaking down the barriers that currently divide centralized exchanges. We will introduce more revolutionary measures that are significant in the industry.