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BingX Cares and Gives Back in Humanitarian Causes

BingX has been actively supporting charity organisations and lending a hand in disaster relief efforts since 2019.

We are proud to have supported efforts in the reforestation in Turkey, blood donation and rubbish collection drives in Taiwan, food donation drives in Vietnam and disaster relief efforts for Palawan, Leyte and Ilo-ilo.

Reforestation in Turkey

BingX reforestation project, Turkey

Across continents in Europe, BingX worked to combat climate change through revitalization of forests in Turkey. The BingX Carbon-free Afforestation Project saw the social trading exchange invest thousands of dollars to buy unused land and plant trees to replace those decimated by regional fires.

Donation drives in Taiwan

BingX blood donation, Taiwan

Back in Asia, BingX volunteers also gave an arm and leg to charitable causes through a self-organised blood donation drive, as well as walking down districts and beaches to clear up rubbish.

BingX beach clean-up, Taiwan

BingX COVID-19 relief efforts, Taiwan

They also had volunteers deliver groceries, food and face masks to different precincts in Taiwan, reaching out to the less fortunate and providing them with basic essentials to tide through the covid-19 times。

Disaster relief efforts in Palawan, Leyte and Ilo-ilo

BingX disaster relief support, Philippines

Across the seas in Southeast Asia, BingX lent support and provided aid to people living in the Philippines whose lives were severely affected by the typhoons and landslides that wrecked the cities of Palawan, Leyte and Ilo-ilo respectively.

BingX reforestation project, Philippines

BingX has also initiated the reforestation project in the Philippines, with volunteers planting new trees for future generations in the fight against climate change.

Support in Vietnam

BingX offline car ad campaign, Vietnam

BingX food and grocery donation drive, Vietnam

In Vietnam, BingX held an offline event through car sticker ads, as well as running a donation drive that saw volunteers sort and distribute fresh produce to residents in the vo thi sau ward in district 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

BingX continues to allocate funds that will be donated to charitable organisations, public welfare activities and disaster relief in various regions of the world etc.


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