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BingX, one of the top social trading platforms, officially launched a “Feed” function, which supports global users to share their trading ideas and discuss the latest market trends in real time. It’s where professional traders can post their views on the crypto market and learn from each other’s trading strategies.

The feature provides investors with a window into the investment strategies and true thinking of the world’s top traders. The “Feed” feature sends real-time comments from traders in the form of easy-to-read graphic messages. In this way, users can keep abreast of the latest developments in the global crypto financial market. The content includes, but is not limited to, crypto news updates, technical analysis, and perspectives on key events driving the market.

The emergence of the function can provide users with more opportunities to display and interact, which can help traders better understand the market and expand profits. Due to geographical limitations, time, and other related factors, each trader’s understanding of the market may be somewhat narrow. By way of communication, information exchange and resource sharing can be realized in terms of trading experience. Professional traders who’ve been in the game longer may have a more accurate strategy than the average investor. These experiences are useful for risk management and educating the average user.

Prior to the “Feed” feature, BingX had launched the global trading social network plan, aiming to help high-quality traders and investors around the world establish professional services and interesting social relationships. The program allows traders to gain more global exposure, referrals from traffic sources, higher commissions with single service revenue, as well as more convenient and interesting new social features for early access, along with random blind box rewards

BingX aims to act as a connecting point in the social trading network, connecting more professional traders and investors. The trader community highlights the importance of social features in the investment process and pushes BingX in a more transparent and flexible direction. The launch of this function promotes the development of crypto asset investment towards intelligent, professional and humanized direction, thus helping more people to achieve profits and self-value.


About BingX

Founded in 2018, BingX is a global digital asset, spot and derivatives trading platform that provides a user-centric and open ecosystem with intuitive social trading features. Created to enrich the entire cryptocurrency industry, BingX is a safe, reliable and user-friendly venue for users to trade their favorite assets.