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BingX Releases Version 3.8 Update – All You Need to Know

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BingX, the leading social trading exchange offering USDC futures, is excited to release its latest version 3.8 for iOS and Android, improving the overall trader experience on the platform.

One of the main features of this update is the support of price warning. Users can now set the warning price independently and receive a notification when the market price reaches their pre-set warning price.

The frequency of warning price notification is divided into three tiers: only once, once every 24 hours and frequent early warning. At present, there are very few competing products on the market that have the option of “once in 24 hours”.

In addition, the frequent early warning setting is only half of the average market frequency after being set in the background and will not bombard customers with repeated notifications when the market fluctuates.

Furthermore, the early warning setting is divided into two distinct directions for the market: upward and downward. This simplifies the details and enables traders to get the necessary information quickly to act on their trades. Alerts that the user has read will be displayed in gray in the alert record, and the remaining unread alerts will be displayed in black.

Another update is the C2C function optimisation on the BingX platform. Previously, if users wanted to become a cryptocurrency seller, they needed to find a customer service application separately, and the process was cumbersome. Now, the official BingX website and app will set up a separate area to guide new users on how to become sellers with a brief application process.

BingX continues to explore new and innovative solutions to create a user-centric experience for traders. Moving forward, users can expect frequent upgrades in all facets of their trading experience on BingX.