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BingX Sponsors Educational Crypto Seminar in Partnership with Vilarso and Boris Borbot

BingX has partnered Vilarso and Boris Borbot to hold an intensive educational seminar on all things cryptocurrency.

Vilarso conducted this seminar in Sochi on 5 and 6 Aug 2022, sharing his ideas on trading principles, how to trade a trend and how to use market depth and the event is proudly sponsored by BingX, the leading social trading exchange.

Vilarso is one of the many experienced traders on the BingX platform and has a large following on TradingView as well. He believes the team has a vision and a goal of crypto adoption and saw the struggle of the industry’s newcomers, yet to adopt a solution where “young” investors and traders don’t lose their capital and give up hope on crypto and blockchain. He also shared that the BingX platform delivers an exclusive experience of true social trading. A variety of filters and categories allows a user to select the right trader based on his behaviour and trading style, grid trading allows them to automate trading and earn while being away.

Since the financial markets have started to gain traction with retail investors and traders, the development of a variety of trading tools and instruments has accelerated. While the interest of retail traders in financial markets was growing, retention of these traders was a challenge. Financial literacy came within reach, yet the “one” effective trading strategy was yet to be found. Money-managers were beyond the reach of the majority of retail investors and traders. Hence, the idea of creating communities where trading could share their trades and trading strategies germinated. The first introduction of mirror trading and later copy trading technology was recognised as the affordable and sophisticated alternative to traditional wealth managers.

Whilst copy trading and mirror trading empowered new traders, the social attributes of social trading were missing. The game-changer of the industry was TradingView which delivered a social network for traders, now traders have a social network but not social trading. BingX stepped in to lay out a fundamental change and deliver an all-in-one solution for traders, which will have all the attributes of social trading and automation of trading. BingX is the first social trading network for traders.

BingX credits its achievements and recognition by the TradingView as one of the best Crypto Trading/Exchange platforms to its loyal fans and customers. They aim to set better milestones by developing endless possibilities and enhancing already existing features. BingX continues to make efforts to improve the cryptocurrency exchange industry by improving brand influence and user experience.


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