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BingX- A Crypto Social Trading Platform for Investors and Traders

The crypto world is still relatively young but is quite promising. It revolves around global interconnection and digital presence in a decentralized manner with the cycles being much shorter and more volatile. Crypto experts, who have been in the game since its inception are looking at the third cycle in a short 12-year history.  Most digital assets usually witness a significant increase in value whenever there is a new bull cycle. This not only brings huge returns to the investors, but it also attracts new ones who are hungry for profit. Both investors and traders at the amateur level should be extremely careful. It is important for them to have a good understanding of the cryptocurrency industry as it is more than just about huge returns on investment. Educating oneself about the industry is critical which in turn can be helpful when choosing an appropriate trading environment.

Choosing the Right Platform

Generally, people tend to focus on different aspects when deciding on the right platform to trade or make long-term crypto investments. Exchange platforms offer a wide variety of products, services, and special features that caters to the various needs of traders.  So, it is left up to them to decide on which platforms are most suitable for them.  However, it is not anything uncommon to see traders selecting more than one platform. Before newcomers enter the industry, they should be able to answer several questions.

  1. What trading fees are suitable for the given trader,
  2. What Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti Money laundering (AML) regulations are,
  3. What assets and liquidity is the trader seeking, or
  4. Whether this platform does offer any educational content.

After spending a significant amount of time learning about the industry, newbies should be fully equipped with the basics and ready to trade among some of those other activities that can be done on exchanges. 

BingX offers a great blend of all that is needed

BingX is definitely the right platform for traders and investors who are still freshmen and are interested in trading assets offering high liquidity and volumes, with reasonably low fees and trading 14 different cryptocurrencies paired with USDT (such as BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, or more interesting like UNI/USDT). BingX is an easy-to-use interface that also satisfies the needs of sophisticated investors while providing different tutorials to educate its traders about trading crypto derivatives. This is one of the reasons why BingX is described and considered a crypto social trading platform since it helps users to succeed while using the platform.

Bingbon’s positive impact on its customers can be portrayed by the huge volumes that the exchange it accumulates on a daily basis. In the derivatives space, BingX has higher volumes than well-established companies like Kraken or Bitfinex, which shows that BingX is going in the right direction and maybe on to something bigger. Many platforms only focus on quick profits or listing doubtful projects rather than offering reliable services and products to their customers. However, Bingbon focuses on user safety, security, building educational content, while creating an easy-to-use interface, so traders can get the best trading experience.