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BingX’s Highlights at European Blockchain Convention Held in Spain

BingX, one of the leading crypto exchanges, is excited to announce its sponsorship and attendance for the upcoming 2023 edition of the European Blockchain Convention, which is held in Barcelona, and running from 15 to 17 Febuary. This year marks the fifth session of this big event, making for a three-days of activities as more than 200 speakers from the world gather at what’s set to be the blockchain industry’s major event in Spain.


The European Blockchain Convention is the most influential blockchain event in Europe. It was born with the mission to accelerate the blockchain ecosystem. Since its inaugural conference in 2018 in Barcelona, EBC has hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers, and the best startups in the blockchain & crypto space. Its global audience of founders, investors, regulators, developers, corporations, and many more come together every year to learn, get inspired, and connect.


Pablo Monti, Branding Ambassador, and Megan Nyvold, Head of Media, North America, are invited to represent BingX at this must-attend event and deliver speeches on hot topics in the industry.


The main focus of Pablo’s panel is on sports and entertainment, mostly through blockchain and Web3. He gives a unique perspective from an exchange point of view. He takes an overview of the current state of the blockchain industry, and illustrates how technology could change the fan experience with some interesting use cases of blockchain technology for sports and entertainment. Pablo points out that generating new revenue flows and enhancing fan loyalty are two big benefits from the mix, while we still need to face the biggest challenge – to move away from the initial NFT boom.


Pablo also comments on the relationship between sports, esports, gaming, and blockchain, and how Web3 can bring them all together and captivate both current and young audiences. He says: “We need to face the debate about young audiences losing interest in traditional sports, and what we can use from esports, gaming and even blockchain to make a difference. Young audiences are simple: they consume what they want, when they want, and where they want. Sports and entertainment need to pay attention to this and act. We could figure out why sports events have a big impact on young audiences when they are broadcasted by streamers. Now we are going towards a scenery where streamers can coexist with traditional media. However, tthe problem is how to offer the best possible contents on each platform without having trouble with broadcasting rights and limitations. There’s a way, we only need to take it.”


Meanwhile, speaking on another occasion, Megan gives her insights into how trust can be built in digital finance. She stresses on that we all need to see the silver lining and grab all possible opportunities to develop with greater roots and confidence after a tough year, even though it is difficult for the greater crypto community. She observes how the industry gets there and what can be done to heal and thrive. According to Megan, the key is to enhance acceptance and accountability, connect communities, ensure safety and punish bad behaviors. She also emphasises the courage to use previous obstacles for growth. And last but not least, time. Time provides room to let narratives cool down, the media relax, and give people the chance to do their own research.


Megan also shares her story with BingX in her speech. Now she is motivated to focus on global implementation and education of cryptocurrency with BingX, which provides excellent services and keeps restoring trust in the industry.


“We are thrilled to sponsor and participate in this big event. It’s a wonderful space to connect with the Web3 and crypto community and share brilliant ideas. This time we not only mingle with friends and industry peers and have fun, but also celebrate the resilience and growth of this industry and discuss what the future may hold. As the world’s leading crypto exchange, BingX will continue to explore novel solutions and create better user experience. BingX has shown the way to change the world. And this change can start from every individual”, Megan adds.


In recognition of growing excitement around the event, BingX also hosts a Cocktail Party nearby, an exclusive dinner and cocktail for partners, KOLs, and crypto professionals to network, by 16th February.


About BingX

BingX is a leading crypto exchange that offers spot, derivatives, copy, and grid trading services to over 100 countries and regions worldwide with over 5 million users. BingX continues to connect users with expert traders and the platform in a safe and innovative way.