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Our Next BingX Jackpot Begins! Stand to Win 10,000 USDT!

Join the Trading Community: Learn & Earn with BingX.

BingX, the leading crypto social trading platform, is launching a month-long contest where one lucky user wins a 10,000 USDT jackpot prize!
The BingX jackpot contest opens 1 July 2022 00:00 and ends on 1 August 2022 23:59 (UTC+8) and is open to everyone. Both existing and new BingX users can participate for free and one person will walk away with the 10,000USDT prize.
Here’s how to participate in this jackpot:
  1. New users will receive an 8-digit lottery ticket when they register, and existing users directly get an 8-digit lottery ticket when they log in. The 8-digit lottery ticket is randomly generated, and each coupon is unique.
  1. Users can earn extra tickets by participating in tasks such as recharging and trading, but each account will be allowed a maximum of 20 lottery tickets.
  1. The user needs to lock in 1USDT to obtain the lottery qualification, and this 1USDT will be returned to the user’s account after the end of the lottery contest.
When the draw date of 2 August 2022 arrives, data will be extracted based on third-party data sources that are not controlled by BingX, and an 8-digit winning number will be generated. The user closest to the winning number will be rewarded with 10,000 USDT exclusively.
Rules for generating lottery numbers:
In order to ensure the fairness and openness of the lottery rules, the winning numbers are generated by data sources that are not controllable by the platform. The winning numbers have a total of 8 digits.
The specific generation of the lottery numbers are as follows:
  • 1st and 2nd digits: NASDAQ August 2, 2022, change to 2 decimal places
  • 3rd and 4th digits: BTC/USDT price spot market price change on August 2, 2022 to two decimal places
  • 5th and 6th digits: ETH/USDT price spot market price change on August 2, 2022 with two decimal places
  • 7th and 8th digits: Hong Kong Hang Seng Index on August 2, 2022 with two decimal places
About BingX
Founded in 2018, BingX has grown to become the world’s leading social trading platform. It is a global digital asset, spot, and derivatives trading platform that provides a safe, reliable, user-centric, and open ecosystem with intuitive social trading features to enrich the entire cryptocurrency industry. BingX also constantly updates new projects and price charts such as: Poocoin Chart, Veracity PriceAFEN Price ChartSaitama & KaikenInu. In the countries and regions where BingX operates, it has registered or obtained financial services licenses recognised and regulated by local governments.