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Why should you choose the BingX affiliate program?

The cryptocurrency industry has presented many opportunities for people from different walks of life. From entrepreneurs, IT specialists, traders, to marketing and sales specialists, almost anyone can make use of their previous skills and apply them in the cryptocurrency world.

This is applicable also for businesses, who are trying to stay ahead of the crypto development and spot the trends. One way to make sure that this is the case for any individual or business, is to work with the right partners. 

And who are these ‘right’ partners?

They are those who are experienced, knowledgeable and successful in what they are doing; in this case, that is operating a profitable and sustainable business. BingX definitely belongs to this group, which is why it also offers a rather interesting affiliate program. Let’s explore if anyone should choose it for their business.

What are affiliate programs?

Before we look at the “Why” let’s first start with what affiliate programs are, in case some individuals are not aware of their importance. Affiliate programs are agreements or arrangements between two parties, in most cases in the online world, in which one party pays the other to send traffic to them.

Usually, the commission is based on the number of people who are redirected to the website paying for the service, with higher number of redirections leading to higher commission. This is a rather interesting, modern and successful strategy for sales of products and services in the 21st century .

BingX: a short introduction

BingX , as one of the leading social trading cryptocurrency exchanges, also decided to have an affiliate program. BingX tries to provide convenient and reliable digital assets trading services for people all around the globe, covering more than 100 countries and regions . It provides not only a spot and derivatives trading services, but also ensures its users have the best trading experiences, which are simple, engaging and transparent.

Recent statistics and data connected to BingX, Source: bingx.com

BingX has been around since 2018 and has established itself in the cryptocurrency market. With average daily volumes of futures trading in Tether (USDT) of 14 billion dollars, 4.8 billion dollars of BTC/USDT and 1.16 billion dollars’ worth of ETH/USDT trading , BingX provides enough liquidity for its more than 3+ million users . Thanks to these astonishing numbers, BingX has decided to offer a crypto affiliate program which has its indisputable benefits. This is one of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs out there.

BingX affiliate program

The affiliate program by BingX offers some of the most sought-after features and benefits in the cryptocurrency world. This crypto affiliate program for example offers the following:

  • Up to 60% in rebates – commission rate is higher than industry standard.
  • Acquisition subsidy – lowest fee rate in the whole industry – 0.045% for Standard Futures, Maker for 0.02% and Taker for 0.03% for Perpetual Futures. Bonuses of up to 100+ USDT are available upon registration.
  • Market support – customised acquisition and activation online activities (such as trading competitions). Bonuses can reach up to 100,000 USDT. Operational event planning, marketing and media promotion services.
  • Exclusive backend – exclusive account, safe and reliable. Data transparency and clear transaction details are fully provided.
  • Daily rebate – daily rebate will be issued on time with the protection of partners rights and interest on the best possible level.

It also offers a fast withdrawal with instant deposits and withdrawals; 24/7 exclusive customer 1-on-1 support in multiple languages ​​or exclusive benefits such as branded gifts.

More benefits to crypto exchange affiliate program

1. Experienced and creative team

That is not all. BingX with its crypto exchange affiliate program offers more to anyone who might be interested. This exchange and social trading platform has one of the best-established teams in the sector. With experienced leaders, who previously worked with companies such as Tencent and Alibaba, the development team of BingX is ever improving.

Moreover, the funding and leadership team of the BingX consists of professionals who have experience from financial institutions such as J .P. Morgan, Standard Chartered Bank or several top VC firms. Overall, the team also consists of people who worked for Huawei, Google and other successful and global brands.

2.Innovative technology

BingX is always trying to improve, which is why its innovation department always has something new to offer. For instance, BingX was one of the first trading platforms that introduced high-quality traders to copy trading, with the number currently exceeding 3,00 traders. Their signals are followed by more than 70,000 people daily.

Example of traders, their ROI and copies, Source: bingx.com

BingX also supports perpetual futures, spot trading, standard futures, USDT-margined contracts and trading of several other global indices, commodities, forex and other trading contracts, to broaden the portfolio of its assets to suit the needs of everyone.   

3.Licenses in many global regions

Unlike many other cryptocurrency exchanges, anyone choosing the crypto exchange affiliate program with BingX will also benefit from the licenses that this exchange has. BingX has received four different licenses from regulators from the European Union, United Stated, Canada and Oceania.

This allows the exchange to operate within the legal boundaries of the given jurisdiction, having the mind of their investors and traders at ease and without any necessary fear of unfavourable regulations.

4.Easy to join

If all of this sounds promising and there is a potential for a future beneficial collaboration between BingX and your business, feel free to join the BingX affiliate program. It is very easy and can be done with a few clicks right here.

Simple joining of BingX affiliate program, Source: bingx.com


With several clear advantages, BingX exchange and its crypto affiliate program has the ability to be beneficial for anyone who decides to join in. This low level cooperation can improve not only both businesses, but can be very simple to set up and operate. 

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