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Mask Network Is Available in Version 2.0 and Supports Multi-Chain Networks

Aave Will Launch V3, Which Will Support Asset Cross-Chain, Investment Optimization and Other Functions

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Aave developer Emilio has posted an introduction to Version 3 on the Aave community. Updates to the new version will include: adding support for multiple Ethereum layer 2 networks; launching a cross-chain function called “Portal”, which allows assets to be transferred across the chain between Ethereum, Solana, Fantom and other networks; rolling out features that automatically optimize users’ investments to get the best lending rates; It艾It also includes giving entities outside community governance the right to launch new lending assets through on-chain voting; and introducing new risk management features such as borrowing caps. The Aave V3 code is not compatible with the V2 version, Emilio said. OpenZeppelin, Trail Of Bits, Peckshield and ABDK have been submitted for audit, which is expected to be completed by the end of November. In addition, the initial network launch of V3 and the amount of funding for V3 network contributors will be determined by community vote, and a bug bounty program will be launched.

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The Ethereum network has seen significant growth as decentralized finance continues to evolve. But at the same time, Bitcoin has not been ignored in this growth, as the total number of Bitcoin being converted into tokens on Ethereum has also been increasing. Data from Dune Analytics and Glassnode indicate that, despite recent price adjustments, BTC net inflows to DeFi increased by 10% in September. Bitcoin price remains above $62,000. Unless BTC moves above $65000, it still remains in a daily downtrend channel.