The Total Cryptocurrency Market Topped $3 Trillion for the First Time, Tripling from the Start of the Year
Microsoft Partnered with Meta to Integrate Metaverse Related Products

Apple CEO Personally Owns Some Cryptocurrencies

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Today’s Cryptocurrency Headline

Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the DealBook conference that he personally owns some cryptocurrencies and has been “interested in them for some time.” “I think it makes sense to have it as part of a diversified portfolio,” says Tim Cook. But Apple’s products don’t support cryptocurrency purchases, and it won’t use Apple’s money to invest in cryptocurrencies. Tim Cook also said that Apple is currently working on cryptocurrency technology, but that it is not something they plan to do immediately.

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Bitcoin price analysis predication

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Bitcoin appears to be holding firm overall, and $66,000 seems to be its safe spot. Much of the current rally has been driven by the successful listing of the former Bitcoin ETF in the US. With the recent surge of Shiba and other cryptocurrencies, and Facebook’s name change to Meta, interest in cryptocurrencies continues to rise. The cryptocurrency market is more robust than ever, with more long-term bitcoin investors entering the market over the past year and speculators exiting. Bitcoin has entered a price discovery phase, which means it may hit the $100,000 level in the coming months.