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Today’s Cryptocurrency Headline

As of October 23, Ethereum L2 had a total lock-up volume of nearly $4 billion ($3.98 billion), according to L2BEAT. That’s up 5.62 percent in a week. Arbtirum ($2.42 billion TVL), dYdX ($900 million TVL) and Optimism ($281 million TVL) were the top three in terms of lock-in volume, respectively up 6.54 percent, 3.03 percent and 3.88 percent, in a week. In addition, the project with the fastest growth in lock-ups over the past seven days is Aztec, a privacy and expansion solution based on ZK Rollup (31.51%).

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Despite a downward correction over the weekend, Bitcoin price remains above $62,000. This suggests that the bullish sentiment that has built up since the Bitcoin ETF passed hasn’t faded. $62,000 is the most important support level for Bitcoin right now. If BTC does not break below this level in the coming week, there is still hope that we will see other altcoins follow suit. Conversely, once BTC breaks below this support level, its monthly closing price may fall back to the $56,000 – $59,000 range.