The USDT Premium Fell to Around -3%, Briefly Falling Below ¥6
Fantom Will Help Tajikistan Set up a Central Bank Digital Currency System

Ethereum PoS Consolidation or Postponed, Upgrade at the End of This Year Only Includes Difficulty Bomb Delay

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Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko said that after talking to four client teams, Ethereum Network update in December will only include “difficulty bombs delay” and no other upgrades. The Ethereum developer team will name the December Upgrade after Arrow Glacier. In addition, EIP-3860 is being merged with other EIP proposals in the current Shanghai Upgrade, whether it will still be called the “Shanghai Upgrade” is to be determined. Once the merge is complete, the community will discuss which of these should be implemented in the first upgrade after the merge.

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Bitcoin price is on its way to $44,000. In the bearish atmosphere these days, stablecoin assets such as USDT also entered a state of negative premium. But the price rebounded yesterday, and $44,000 remains a pressure area. Sentiment is turning positive, but remains fragile. If BTC can successfully cross the $45,000 pressure level, then the market may continue to recover. As the end of September approaches, bigger moves seem to be just around the corner.