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Facebook Plans to Hire 10,000 people in Europe Over the Next Five Years to Set Up the Metaverse

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Today’s Cryptocurrency Headline 

Facebook has announced that it will create 10,000 new jobs across the European Union over the next five years to help set up the metaverse. Facebook says the key features of the metaverse are openness and interoperability, which will require collaboration among companies, developers, creators and policy makers. For Facebook, it will also require continued investment in product and technical talent to drive overall business growth. Europe was chosen because of its large consumer market, first-class universities and talent, as well as its important role in shaping the new rules of the Internet. In September, Facebook announced the launch of its two-year XR program and the creation of a $50 million outside investment fund to research metaverse-related technologies.

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Bitcoin price analysis

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Bitcoin managed to hold support at $60,000 over the weekend and is now hovering around $62,000. The $60,000 mark was an important watershed for Bitcoin price this week. If Bitcoin’s fall does not break below the $60,000 support level but continues above it, it will be an optimistic sign for the crypto market. Similarly, if Bitcoin is to establish a further uptrend, it will have to break through its previous high.