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Google Cloud Has Partnered with Dapper Labs to Support and Extend the Flow Blockchain

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According to Forbes, Google Cloud has partnered with Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties, to support and extend the Flow blockchain on which Dapper Labs is based. Through this partnership, Google Cloud will provide its infrastructure as a network operator to help Flow expand. More than 2,000 current Flow-based developers will be able to connect to Flow access nodes with lower latency via Google Suite. With the help of Google Cloud, Dapper Labs hopes to expand NBA Top Shot and other NFT projects to billions of users.

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Bitcoin price is above $47,000, but has yet to break through the $47,700 resistance level. There is still the possibility that BTC could fail to do so. If Bitcoin fails to reach the $47,700 resistance zone, it could start a downward correction. Direct downside support for BTC is around $46,000. As Bitcoin was sold off last week, the market plunged into fear. BTC options will expire on Sept. 24 and Dec. 31. It should be noted that both quarterly options expirations tend to get the most attention. With this quarter options expiring in 10 days, it is expected that the crypto market will be extremely volatile.