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The continuous decline makes the trend more volatile. BTC has been on a downward slide as can be seen from the chart. It is likely that today the market will be in the red zone. In fact, Friday has been a red day over the last 2 weeks. However, if it rebounds, it is likely to reach $33,000. So, we may see BTC between $32,500 and $33,500 range in these two days. On the flip side, if BTC breaks downwards, then it may retest the $30,000 level again.

Today’s Headlines

Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, has become the first national legislature to launch a non-fungible token. The special NFT has been created for the country’s new president, Isaac Herzog, who took office this week after his election in early June.

The image file for the NFT has been produced by the staff of the Knesset’s Technology and Computing Division using a secure and crypto mobile device. It will be handed over to staff members of the IT department at the President’s Residence.