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Kusama Officially Opens Its Sixth Slot Auction, Which Runs Until September 8

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Today’s Cryptocurrency Headline

Kusama Prop. 346 has been approved by the Board of Governors and officially opens the sixth slot auction, which will continue until September 8. So far, Kusama has 16 projects that have created crowd loaning events. KSM’s top five TVL projects are KILT, Calamari of Manta, Heiko of Parallel, Basilsk and Altair of Centrifuge.

The importance of the Kusama slot auction to the ecological development of Polkadot is self-evident. After the last round of slot auctions in Kusama, more than 1.11 million KSM were locked in Crowd Loan. The upcoming Kusama slot auction is sure to bring Kusama more staking token. There will also be more projects to participate in. The rest of the competition will be bigger. Hence why there is a need to focus on the stronger projects, especially the upstarts like Parallel Finance.

Bingbon’s Bitcoin Chart 

Bitcoin price and news cryptocurrency Bingbon

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Bitcoin started a quick increase again towards the $50,000 resistance level. The price is now trading well around $50,000 and could accelerate further higher once there is a daily close above the $51,000 zone. Any more gains could push BTC towards the $55,000 resistance zone in the coming sessions. An intermediate resistance is near the $51,500 level. Bitcoin will have to officially settle at $51,500 to break through to a new all-time high. So watch out for support level at $49,000 and resistance level at $51,500. Whether BTC can break above the $51,500 pressure level is still in waiting .