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Mask Network Is Available in Version 2.0 and Supports Multi-Chain Networks

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Mask Network V2 is officially launched in Web3.0. The main features include that Mask Wallet supports multi-chain networks on both mobile and browser terminals, including 5 EVM-compatible L1 and L2 networks. This also lays the foundation for non-EVM chains and also provides fast access across chain bridges. At the same time, Mask launched a new product MaskID. It integrates Web2.0 accounts with Web3.0 ids (addresses, ENS, etc.) and supports mailbox login in addition to public and private key systems. It also launched Mask Labs, a third-party DApp marketplace that allows the integration of consumer-facing Web 3.0 DApps on any Web 2.0 site. Mask Network is also expanding its twitter-centric ecosystem to support Minds.com and Instagram, Reddit and more in the future.

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Bitcoin price analysis predication

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Bitcoin is competing with gold for investor attention as a hedge against inflation. If Bitcoin and gold start to do better than the stock market, then money will be sucked out of the stock market. This is due to the fact that everyone is a trend follower. Bitcoin is already on its way up. It just needs to keep going. Bitcoin price still hasn’t fallen below $60,000, but there are signs that the craze is fading.