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MicroStrategy Bought Another 5,050 Bitcoins for a Total of $242.9 Million

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MicroStrategy, a US-listed company, bought about 8,957 Bitcoins between July 1 and September 12, spending a total of $419.9 million, according to its Form 8-K filed with the SEC. The average purchase price of per Bitcoin is about $46,875. Between August 23 and September 12, MicroStrategy bought another 5,050 Bitcoins for a total of about $242.9 million, with an average price of $48,099. As of September 12,2021, the company held about 114,042 Bitcoins and spent a total of $3.16 billion. The average purchase price of per Bitcoin is about $27,713.

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Yesterday was an interesting day for the crypto market. According to Bloomberg, Walmart announced online payments with Litecoin, stating that it will offer the option to make online payments with Litecoin starting October 1. As expected, Litecoin price spiked on Monday,  extended gains to 20 percent and Bitcoin briefly rose to $46,000. However, Walmart quickly confirmed that reports of a partnership with Litecoin were actually false. Litecoin price turned lower after rising nearly 30% at one point. Bitcoin price overall maintains a downward trend. On the daily chart, Bitcoin price is currently finding support around the 60-day moving average. BTC remains consolidated above $43,400 in a narrowing range. On the weekly chart, BTC is at dead fork risk unless it moves back above $47,400.