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The Number of Bitcoin in the Lightning Network Has Topped 2,900

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Today’s Cryptocurrency Headline

The number of Bitcoins locked up in the Bitcoin Lightning Network topped 2,900, a 24% increase in the last 30 days to a record high and nearly double the number of Bitcoin locked in mid-June. As of September 28, the Bitcoin Lightning Network had 27,222 nodes and 73,621 payment channels, with an average node capacity of 0.184 BTC.

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Bitcoin continues its downward trend, but has yet to break below $40,000 support. Overall, the crypto market is still weak. If Bitcoin is slow to return above $45,000, sentiment will turn even more bearish. At the same time, Bitcoin price‘s weak consolidation led to altcoin collective diving. Even tokens of DeFi projects are not doing well. Next Bitcoin still needs to hold the first support level of $40,000. If BTC manages to get above $42,000 today, it could be in for a rally.