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What is Floki, and Why Should You Care About it?

Floki is an ecosystem and cryptocurrency aiming to empower its community financially and a project you should keep your eyes on.

Floki has recently shown rapid growth, with many projects in the pipeline. With brand emphasis and references to Norse Mythology, Floki is one of those coins that aim to build a strong community and give people control of their finances through its decentralized ecosystem.

Besides its cryptocurrency, Floki has a lot of different aspects to it. Floki is creating an NFT metaverse game called Valhalla while dipping into the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space with FlokiFi.

Floki is an exciting project because the team behind it is aiming at several different sectors in crypto. They aren’t satisfied with doing NFTs or DeFi solutions but want to build an ecosystem where users don’t have to step out of it to satisfy specific needs.

Spreading so wide in the crypto space comes with a risk, so let’s dive deeper into Floki and why you should care about it.

Floki Ecosystem Source – Floki

With a lot of balls in the air, why should you care about Floki?

It can be hard to figure out where to look when entering the Floki ecosystem, and rightfully so. Floki has many things going on; some might be more significant than others. A wide variety of people can essentially find value in Floki; it doesn’t matter if you only care about NFTs, the metaverse, or DeFi. 

Most people should be able to find some interest in Floki. At the end of the day, their mission of giving power to the people instead of the significant hedge funds is noble – but not necessarily revolutionary. 

One of the most impressive things about Floki is its DeFi solution, FlokiFi. It’s the hottest product in their pipeline, with many current partners signed up and seemingly more to come. 

Floki has partnered with the likes of RadioShack, KuCoin, Zelwin Finance, CoinStats, and several others for the FlokiFi project. FlokiFi is described as “the umbrella name for a suite of decentralized finance products that will be launching under the Floki brand,” according to Floki

FlokiFi partnerships Source – RadioShack

While that’s not super specific, the first utility project, “Project L,” might be able to indicate where the FlokiFi project is headed. Project L was essentially created to improve the security in DeFi, which we all know is known for rug pulls, scams, and more. 

Project L is a digital asset locker that “allows people to lock and vest fungible tokens,” according to Floki. The idea behind Project L is something DeFi is screaming for, and if Floki can deliver that solution, we could be looking at something revolutionary. 

With that said, many projects are currently working on solutions to make DeFi a safer place to operate. An important one to mention would be the Astra Solution, which shares some of the Floki missions within DeFi. It’s a competitive field, and there likely won’t be room for all solutions. 

So what about the more loose and fun stuff? Well, Floki has an excellent metaverse project going with Valhalla and recently launched its Floki Gemstone NFTs. 

Generally, Floki has a lot to offer for NFT and metaverse lovers out there. Valhalla lives up to the name and theme and has a competitive aspect that should entertain even hardcore gamers. 

Valhalla is still in its early stages but does have a lot of potential. The combat aspect of the game brings strategy and a user-friendly interface. Only three characters are available in Bjørn, Madhattr, and Hushroom, but Floki is rapidly developing the game.

Valhalla Gameplay Source – Floki

Is Floki geared for the future?

The most important question we ask ourselves as users before investing time or money in a crypto project is how it’s geared for the future. The same should be done for Floki, mainly because the ecosystem is big and takes time to learn. 

Floki opens an opportunity where users can be part of a bigger ecosystem. It’s not just for trading a currency, NFTs, or playing a game. It aims to open as many relevant doors for the users as possible. 

The biggest strength of Floki is the project’s diversity, but also its greatest weakness at the same time. Floki has entered several highly-competitive fields in the crypto market. Let it be DeFi, NFTs, or metaverse; all of them are crowded with upcoming projects. 

Will Floki be one of those who end up succeeding long-term? It’s possible because the Floki projects are legitimately cool and have great utility and visions behind them. 

This is also proven already, as Floki has a strong community. According to Floki, it has 400,000+ holders and over 320,000 followers on Twitter to engage with the products and, most importantly, provide feedback for everything in the works. 

Floki also has a distinct brand and caters to memes, the community, and a younger audience. These are all prerequisites for long-term success. Dedicated users equal a dedicated project.

The question remains whether Floki can survive the current flood of new crypto projects. But so far, Floki seems to have momentum and a lot of unrealised potential. If you want to stay up to date on the project, you can follow Floki’s development on Twitter.

Floki Twitter Community Source – Twitter

Floki is currently tradeable on the BingX, so head over to our marketplace and trade the Floki coin today. One thing is already sure, BingX will keep an eye on Floki and provide updates on where the Vikings are headed.


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