BingX Resumes Ethereum (ETH) Deposits and Withdrawal Services

Join Trading Community: Learn & Earn from Bingbon. BingX supports Ethereum London upgrades and Ethereum London Hard Fork has been completed. No new token has been […]

BingX Has Launched the [Market Tickers] Function

BingX App has launched the [Market Tickers] function, allowing users to monitor the current market at any time. You can check the details out below. Floating […]

Copy Trading Service Update- ” Funding Size Principle” Added to Community Ranking Rules

BingX’s Copy Trading community is growing with more outstanding traders joining our platform, along with constant adjusting and optimizing of the ranking rules for copy traders […]

BingX- A Crypto Social Trading Platform for Investors and Traders

The crypto world is still relatively young but is quite promising. It revolves around global interconnection and digital presence in a decentralized manner with the cycles […]