BingX Supports the Upcoming Launch and Listing of SUI ($SUI)

BingX, one of the leading crypto exchanges, is excited to announce its support for the launch of SUI Mainnet and its Spot Listing on 3 May […]

Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade Marks New Era of Staking Withdrawals with Completion

Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade, also known as the “Shapella” upgrade, is finally complete, marking the start of a new era of staking withdrawals.  The Shanghai Upgrade is […]

Implications of the Recent MEV attack Incident – What Happened and What does it mean for the Future of Ethereum?

While Ethereum has just got one of the biggest upgrades of the year, the community was hit hard with the recent negative news. An unknown attacker […]

IMF Calls for Comprehensive and Consistent Crypto Regulation Following a Challenging Year for the Industry

Join the Trading Community: Learn & Earn with BingX. Today’s Cryptocurrency Headline The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated that the “difficult year” in the crypto […]