15 West African Nations Highly Concerned with Cryptocurrency Volatility

Bingbon Chart BTC dropped below the $33,500 support level after bears took control of the market yesterday. Altcoins as a whole fell under pressure on Monday […]

World Bank, IMF, and BIS Advocate for CBDC Adoption at G20

Bingbon Chart Bitcoin price remained relatively flat over this weekend. It has been trading in a tight range between $31,000 and $35,000 for the past few […]

Jamaica Central Bank Will Begin Digital Currency Pilot in Weeks

Bingbon Chart Earlier in the month, when Bitcoin started a downward trend due to a massive sell-off as traders took profits around $36,000, BTC fell to […]

Israeli Parliament Creates Special NFT for New President Isaac Herzog

Bingbon Chart The continuous decline makes the trend more volatile. BTC has been on a downward slide as can be seen from the chart. It is […]