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BingX Enables Fractional NFT Trading on its Platform

BingX – The World’s Leading Social Trading Platform

BingX is a worldwide derivatives trading exchange and digital asset that offers a public ecosystem with instinctive social trading features. The company has offices in Canada, Hong Kong, the United States, Australia, and Taiwan. BingX was developed to enrich the cryptocurrency industry. It offers a secure, user-friendly, and reliable platform for participants to trade their best assets like AXs, DAO, Cosmos, and Chilliz.

BingX credits itself with complying with standard regulatory practices across the board. Acquiring the Canadian and US licenses is a big leap for BingX, meaning they can now access the mainstream market being a completely compliant institution. BingX is the first marketplace to bring together high-quality traders and regular traders. BingX’s cutting-edge copy trading tool has benefited more than 20,000 copy traders, with a total of 5,000 daily traders.

What sets BingX apart from other trading platforms

Joining the BingX community gives you access to a multitude of new, innovative, and exclusive features which you might not find with any other cryptocurrency exchange platform:

  • Spot grid copy trading: BingX users can use an autonomous, statistical trading technique to buy cheap and sell higher per a set grid inside a particular price range.
  • Multiple spot trade: BingX has updated a range of new coins on the instant trading platform to deliver strong trading solutions for its valued users.
  • BingX allows Access to Binance’s API. This Pioneers a new look at the Paradigm of Cryptocurrency Social Trading: The approach is intended to increase the impact of high-quality traders while accurately reflecting their actual cryptocurrency trading abilities.
  • Copy trade Pro: BingX has officially released the “CopyTrade Pro” service, which seeks and serves exceptional traders to improve the social trading experience throughout the crypto market. This attribute has currently attracted a large number of exceptional traders and investors.

This is just a glimpse of what BingX has to offer. There’s more to discover because it’s dedicated to producing a variety of cutting-edge functions in cryptocurrencies.


BingX accomplished major milestones in asset security and product function, which assisted in gaining global recognition and a spotlight from the TradingView community. Its robust features are what separates it from the rest. BingX’s Feed is an innovative social trading unit that establishes a connection between professional traders and users to voice their opinion and carry out trades. BingX became the go-to shop for traders.

As an added advantage, BingX successfully grew its presence in newer markets from different regions like Europe and Asia, all grateful to its partnership with numerous fiat gateway functions, including, Paxful, Coinify, and AdvCash. BingX allows users to purchase or trade cryptocurrency from major exchanges while providing a single system to serve all users’ needs.


BingX credits its achievements and recognition by the Trading view as one of the best Crypto Trading/Exchange platforms to its loyal fans and customers. They aim to set better milestones by developing endless possibilities and enhancing already existing features. BingX continues to make efforts to improve the cryptocurrency exchange industry by improving brand influence and user experience.