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Everything You Need to Know About Female-Related NFTs – Famous Artists, Collections and NFT Businesswomen

Everything you need to know about female-related NFTs - famous artists, collections and NFT businesswomen

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Cryptocurrencies were created with many goals. One of them is to include unbanked to the new financial system. Another is to try to provide safer, faster and cheaper transactions. And another goal was to try to include everyone in this new emerging market, so that everyone can benefit from it. However, that does not yet seem to be the case, since women are still highly underrepresented in the cryptocurrency world, which can also be seen in new trends like NFTs. Yet, there are many interesting female artists and business women that need much more attention due to their talents, hard work and goals.

Crypto is still male-oriented

According to numerous researches, the world of cryptocurrencies is still heavily male-oriented. This is due to the fact that for a long time, this world was viewed to be mostly for “tech geeks or nerds.” That is no longer the case, however, women seem to struggle to get more attention in the cryptocurrency space.

For instance, according to this survey, twice as many men invest in cryptocurrencies (16 % men and 7 % women). What is more staggering is the fact that this gap is bigger than the gap of investing into exchange traded funds (14 % men and 7 % women), individual stocks (40 % men and 24 % women) or real estate (36 % men and 30 % women). The same applies for bonds or mutual funds.

The cryptocurrency space itself is no better, which can be seen in the latest trends in NFTs (non-fungible tokens). As the Art Tactic NFT Market Report 2021 shows, more than 77 % of all the NFT sales were to male creators. Women creators only received around 5 % of all the sales, while 16 % of the artists were unknown and 2 % were collectives. This highlights once more that the problem between gender gaps is also present in the cryptocurrency world as such, with NFTs being no different.


Luckily, especially in the last year, the NFT world has seen a rise in female-oriented NFTs or NFTs created by female artists. We will thus have a closer look at a few of the most notable female authors as well as female-oriented NFTs or whole collections that have been gaining more traction. But before that we want to highlight three NFT entrepreneurs, who are doing incredible work. 

Three NFT wizards to follow?

Before we look at female artists as well as female-oriented NFTs that are gaining more and more attention, let’s have a look first at three NFT business women, who are doing incredibly in this world and definitely need to be on your radar.

First one is Michelle Abbs, who is a managing director of Mana Tech. Mana Tech is a tech and innovation ecosystem that embraces crypto and NFT communities. Michelle Abbs wants this company to help the NFT community as well as the tech community building the infrastructure. She is also one of the main people behind NFT BZL, which is a conference in Miami. The aim of this conference is to bring together the biggest NFT names with technology and innovation experts. NFT BZL also aims to help people with their NFT market entrance.

Second woman to watch is Casey Golden, who is an expert on NFTs. She runs a company named Luxlock which has the aim of connecting physical shopping experience with the digital one. This includes not only NFTs, but also a whole Metaverse. Her idea is that if the consumer buys an expensive piece of clothing, they will also receive a matching NFT. She believes that through these offerings, mainly luxury companies will attract more attention due to innovative and up-to-date marketing strategies.  

Last one to watch is an NFT collector, Lila de la Chesnaye, who believes that NFTs do have a key role in the future and thus fights for better gender equality in this space. Chesnaye created several collections of her own like DinoMonk, OnChainMoneky and Cryptoys. She points out that there are three important aspects to look for in the NFTs, no matter who the artist is. These are scarcity, utility and community. All trendy and successful NFTs have an equal combination of these three factors. However, which female-oriented NFTs are that?

Female-oriented NFTs or NFT collections

World of Women

Probably one of the most famous NFT collections that is solely female-focused is known under the name World of Women. It was created by an artist known as Yam Karkai, and even has the support of an entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk or actress Reese Witherspoon. As described on its official OpenSea site, this collection features 10 000 artworks of diverse and powerful women.

Selection of different World of Women NFTs, Source:

It is also one of the most expensive collections, where prices of some NFTs can go as high as 10 ETHs. The floor price for most of them is however around 1.6 ETH. No matter the price, this collection seems to be one of the most sought after, since it has already sold more than 5 000 artworks.

Sad Girls Bar

Sad Girls Bar is a rather interesting and unique collection of NFTs. It is mostly represented by black and white pieces of women with different drinks or foods, which can have a companion in the form of a Skeletongue. Sad Girls Bar NFTs are unlike any other and the asking price is well below the price of World of Women. The NFTs of Sad Girls Bar sell for around 0.14 ETH and are connected to a new collection of Sad Cats that are being sold even cheaper for less than 0.035 ETH.

Women and Weapons

Another interesting collection of female-oriented NFTs goes under the name of Women and Weapons. These artworks mostly depict women with different weapons such as throwing stars, daggers, knives or even Wolverine claws. What is interesting about this collection by Sara Baumann, known as Sparky, is that 5 % of all the funds will go to The Malala Fund Charity, which aims to help women gain access to education all around the world.  

Selection of different NFTs of Women and Weapons, source:

Even though it might look at first that this collection is a bit more “aggressive,” as the description of Women and Weapons states, the aim of it is to show that knowledge is the most powerful weapon and WAW wants to help girls around the world make knowledge their weapon as well.

Cool Lady Club

Cool Lady Club contains around 2 000 NFTs and is one of the most trending collections in the cryptospace. This is thanks to very significant bright colours of the artworks as well as a very small asking price of 0.017 ETH. Compared to other female-oriented collections, Cool Lady Club thus offers not only a cheaper alternative, but also a rather fresh and colorful artwork for anyone who wants to enter NFTs and support a good cause, since Cool Lady Club is donating part of their profits to UNICEF.

Fame Lady Squad

Our list concludes with Fame Lady Squad, which is an NFT collection with one of the most interesting stories in the NFT space as such. Fame Lady Squad was one of the fastest growing NFT collections thanks to being the first all-female led NFT project. However, as was soon discovered, the artists behind these NFTs were three men.

Soon after this shocking and rather unpleasant discovery, a group of female artists such as Bored Becky, Data Lady and NFTIgnition took over the project and relaunched it on 24th of August 2021. This project thus definitely became a part of NFT history, which is a reason why pieces in this collection are sold for a floor price of around 0.08 ETH.

Most notable female NFT artists

Having mentioned three NFT businesswomen and enterpreuners and 5 NFT collections, there is only one piece missing. And that is pointing out few NFT artists that are gaining more traction and support by the community. Who are we talking about? 

Blake Kathryn

One of the first and probably best known female NFT creators is Blake Kathryn. She is for instance famous for her sale of a piece called Iconic Crypto Queen for more than 1,1 million dollars. This was also done thanks to cooperation with Paris Hilton, however, Kathryn was known even before this happened. She has around 100 000 followers on Instagram and is one of the most renowned female artists in the NFT space thanks to her authenticity and dreamlike landscapes.

Iconic Crypto Queen, source:


Jenisu is an artist from Tokyo, with very distinct art collections and pieces. She mostly creates NFTs that are oriented around her vision of the modern and vibrant world, sometimes inspired by modern technology. She was also selected as one of the TOP 9 artists on NFT platform SuperRare in the section of pop artists. Jenisu even has her own exhibition in the Museum of Art in Decentraland.

Paloma Rincón

Being from Mexico, Rincón´s art often depicts her home country, mostly places such as Acapulco or traditional cuisine and flowers native to this country. Her work is usually full of bright colors depicting fruits, with a hint of freshness and nature. Compared to other artists, her NFTs are much closer to look like photos, than digitally created pictures. She is also famous for creating her Life & Death collection, which you can see and buy via OpenSea.


The world of NTFs moves ahead at an incredible pace. It might therefore be easy to overlook some of the female rising stars of this cryptocurrency segment, which is a reason why we have included here some of the most accomplished and renowned NFT artists and entrepreneurs. They have shown that thanks to creativity, resilience and hard work, it is possible to rise and become famous and successful in a sector that is still dominated mostly by males. Their success stories can motivate more women to enter the NFT sphere, thus helping to reduce the gender gap in the crypto industry.  


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