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How To Use AI for Crypto Trading Success in 2023

The introduction of technology in the financial sector is one of the best recent inventions by humans. Today, artificial intelligence is already taking over jobs previously done by humans, including crypto trading. 

With artificial intelligence, humans can efficiently perform crypto trading at a very high speed with fewer errors and better results. 

In this article, you will learn about artificial intelligence in the crypto industry, how it has enhanced crypto trading, and you can take advantage of it on BingX. 

Various Ways AI Can Assist With Crypto Trading

BingX is the world’s leading social crypto exchange that is driven by artificial intelligence and offers a whole lot of automated trading experiences that make your trading successful such as;

Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots are one of the best tools made in the field of artificial intelligence, and it has been helping those who are trading in the crypto market. Crypto trading bots are computer applications or software that reduce human-induced errors while trading.

Source: Paxful

With a crypto trading bot, a user can go into the crypto market to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without needing to be present before the transaction takes place. BingX offers a grid trading autobot that trades crypto on your behalf so you can maximise profits.

It is essential to note that the person using the crypto robot will have to set some parameters to guide it whenever it performs any action in the crypto market. There are different categories of crypto trading bots, such as those used explicitly for coin lending and short-selling cryptocurrencies

Technical Indicators 

Technical indicators are essential AI tools for those investing in crypto. It uses artificial intelligence to predict the price movement of cryptocurrencies. The whole dynamics of technical indicators lie in technical analysis; a type of research carried out by crypto traders to point out crypto price movements. 

Using Trading View, statistical trends of cryptocurrencies in the crypto market are analysed to predict their next price movement. Some examples of AI-induced technical indicators are Bollinger bands, moving averages, and candlestick charts and you can access Trading View for free on BingX crypto trading exchange.

Copy Trading

Artificial intelligence has influenced and enhanced how trading is done by those interested in making money from the crypto market. With copy trading, even those new to crypto can participate in the money-making activity. Copy trading is imitating the trade of others successful or more experienced traders.

However, copying the trade of someone successful with crypto trading is better and enhanced with AI. BingX is a leading global crypto exchange that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance copy trading. The technology is then used to compile trader’s data and show the trading success of top traders, who you can copy and start winning immediately.

Spot Grid Copy Trading

Source: BingX

Signal Analytics/ Virtual Assistant

Artificial intelligence is making things easier for those trading in the crypto market since you don’t have to worry about being alerted to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at certain times. With BingX signal analytics and virtual assistant software, crypto traders can receive notifications regarding when to buy and sell a particular cryptocurrency. 

In the past, the person who gave out crypto signals was another crypto trader who had done extensive research in the crypto market. The introduction of AI in crypto signal analytics has made it possible to reduce human-induced errors when researching the crypto market. 

Arbitrage Bots 

Before understanding the breathtaking job arbitrage bots do for crypto traders, you must learn the meaning of arbitrage trading. Arbitrage trading is the process of capitalising on the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies to profit from the slight price differences in exchanges. 

The introduction of arbitrage bots you can use makes it easier for traders to easily take advantage of the price differences of cryptocurrencies between exchanges. With an arbitrage bot, you need not worry when the price changes on different exchanges; the bot detects the price differences and makes the sale immediately. 

Benefits Of AI in Crypto Trading 

There are many benefits of the introduction of artificial intelligence in crypto trading, and they are:

Zero Sentiments

Artificial intelligence and robots are not humans, so it does not have feelings or sentiments; this gives them a major advantage when navigating through the crypto market. 

Fear and greed are the two significant sentiments crypto traders harbour, so artificial intelligence can easily complete trades in minutes without battling through its feelings.

Easy to Use

Most applications of artificial intelligence in the crypto market are easy, even for beginners. In the case of copy trading, artificial intelligence has made it easy for beginners to copy the trades of professionals and profit for themselves.

Filter Huge Data

The crypto market is a vast financial market, and it takes hours and sometimes days of intensive research for crypto traders to gather the needed data to carry out one single trade. 

With artificial intelligence, there’s a change in the story; tools made by this technology can filter and go through vast amounts of data within seconds and provide helpful information for trade.

Artificial Intelligence for Trading

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Speed is a major advantage of integrating artificial intelligence when trading in the crypto market; it makes one seem almost unstoppable. With AI tools, you can easily go through huge amounts of data, make trading decisions, and make huge profits within minutes.

How To Make AI Work For You on BingX 

Crypto trading is not easy; you have to spend hours and sometimes days carrying out intensive research before entering any type of trade. 

However, with the introduction of artificial intelligence in crypto trading, traders can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies without having to be present all the time. 

With AI, carrying out trades is easier and faster, brings in more profits, and comes with fewer errors. 

BingX is the world’s leading social crypto exchange that offers unique trading experiences from spot grid trading, futures, signal trading, automated bot trading, copy trading, and trading subsidy vouchers.

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