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The New Kids on the Block: from ChatGPT to AI-powered Blockchain Projects

One of the most viral trends that the world has ever seen started at the beginning of December 2022. ChatGPT from OpenAI has caused a lot of noise around the world, leading to waves of positive as well as negative feedback.

This AI chatbot that was released by OpenAI has gained a lot of attention mostly due to its human-like answers to often very detailed and nuanced questions. Many people believe that this will be a breakthrough in AI. While that might be true, AI has been part of the cryptocurrency world, especially in combination with blockchain technology, for quite some time.

This article will thus introduce not only the most intriguing and promising AI blockchain projects, but will also look at why this combination was created and why it can be beneficial. However, before we dive down into these topics, let’s first look at the project that started this new trend.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Before we look more closely at ChatGPT and AI-powered blockchain, let’s first establish what will be meant by artificial intelligence (AI). AI refers to a type of computer science that can mimic human intelligence in learning and problem-solving.

It has been one of the most promising and developing industries in technology for a long time. AI includes several different sub industries such as machine learning (ML) or deep learning (DL), which is a bit more complex and thorough than ML.

AI can also further be categorized as weak AI and strong AI. The difference is pretty straightforward. While weak AI is focused on single tasks, the strong AI refers to more nuanced and complex tasks. This ensures that AI can be helpful in many different industries such as healthcare, finance, entertainment or supply chain management.

Currently one of its most popular and viral use cases is ChatGPT. What it is and what dangers are connected to it? Read on to find the answers to these and many more questions.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that was released to the public on November 30th 2022. It is still in its research phase, but the users are now able to sign up and test it for free. ChatGPT is a software that is programmed to Simulate human conversation, often answering deep and difficult questions.

Success of ChatGPT compared to other networks, Source: chartr

It uses GPT-3.5 language technology, which is an AI model developed by OpenAI. The model itself has been trained on an extensive dataset from various resources that help to simulate human-like conversations. ChatGPT is able to answer, for instance, follow up questions or correct previous mistakes.

>As of now, it is capable of creating poetry, writing whole essays on complex topics or thinking up new jokes, among other things. While this all sounds incredible at the first glance, many have already warned that the implications connected under estimated to this cannot be immutable .

Cognitive scientist, Tim Kietzmann, for instance, stated that essays are dead. This view was supported by many academics and professors. Many have also shown their concern with the job market and how ChatGPT could change it. Court reporters or insurance agents can be diminished if ChatGPT continues to develop at the speed it has shown so far.

However, at this stage, the program is far from perfect. It is visible that while in many cases it provides extensive answers, these are not always correct. ChatGPT does not recognize the factual value behind words, rather recognizes patterns and structures in which words are used and follow each other. Due to this, it for instance states that” crushed glass is a useful health supplement.”

Where AI meets blockchain

The fact that AI has taken such a big leap forward also means that blockchain technology and some cryptocurrency projects might benefit from it. This is due to the fact that the combination of blockchain technology and AI has been around for some time and there are projects that are trying to blend benefits of both together.

The combination of AI and blockchain can help with several aspects. For instance, many believe that AI can help blockchain projects with effective management of their chains and their networks as such. It could help with continuous learning, since the AI ​​would be capable of learning different processes and tasks about the given blockchain, finding and fixing loopholes or suggesting improvements as well as making the whole project more robust.

This can not only help with the efficiency of the projects, but also with their flexibility, usability or scalability. It can be expected that all of these aspects of given projects could be growing exponentially, often with no or very little supervision of humans.


Source: Griffin Hall, Medium

AI blockchain projects

While all of this might sound too complex or abstract, there are already several projects that are working on combining the AI ​​with blockchains. They come from different cryptocurrency industries and are trying to solve different problems. Here are three AI blockchain projects.

1. SingularityNET (AGIX)

If you Google AI blockchain project, SingularityNET will probably be one of the top searches. And that is for a good reason, since it was developed by the same team that developed the world’s first AI humanoid robot – Sophia.

SingularityNET is a blockchain-powered AI marketplace that enables developers to participate in a decentralized data economy. Its clients can use the platform to monetise AI using different AI algorithms and datasets, while businesses concerned with AI can benefit from it via reduction.

The AI ​​helps with self-learning, which optimizes over time, leading to the increase of the use cases. Initially the whole project was only oriented on three areas, namely cybersecurity, cloud robotics and biomedical research. This was to solve fears over complexity of the whole marketplace and its AI solutions, while allowing developers and businesses to sell tools, data or services in the respective fields.

2. DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

The second AI blockchain project that everyone should pay attention to is DeepBrain Chain. It is a decentralized AI computing platform. It leverages blockchain technology and serves the functions of decentralized neural networks. It also helps to accommodate the Internet of Things (smIoT) devices.

The platform provides cutting-edge blockchain-powered AI for game developers or graphic designers. It is also available for developers to integrate DeepBrain Chain with cloud computing networks or other external deep learning frameworks.

3. Blackbird.AI

Another important project in the AI blockchain sphere is Blackbird.AI. This project is trying to solve a rather important issue of false information and data manipulation. Blackbird.AI is using a proprietary Disinfo Cloud Platform which is an AI-driven cloud computing platform. It is serving the needs of governments and prominent companies in different sectors to identify fake news that are spreading on the internet like wildfire.

It analyses content that is posted across the internet to help find fake news and distinguish them from the real ones. It also helps with verifying credibility of the content based on certain credibility indicators, which help in determining whether news contain hate speech, misinformation or satire.

Other AI blockchain projects

There are however more projects that should gain at least as much attention as ChatGPT or above-mentioned AI-powered blockchain projects. These are for instance Thought AI, Matrix AI (MAN), Fetch.AI (FET), FutureFi (FUFI) or NVIDIA Omniverse.

One can only expect that the combination of AI and blockchain will be more prominent in the future of the cryptocurrency world as both of these technologies are still expected to progress and emerge into different industries.


ChatGPT has shown how easy it is for a technology to become popular on the internet. Moreover, it also showed that AI is still advancing. With a variety of AI-powered blockchain projects, it is reasonable to assume that such a giant leap as we have seen with ChatGPT, can also happen for the cryptocurrency projects.


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