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Web3 Adventures For Your Family This Holiday Season

Festive periods are great times to spend more relaxation time with family and friends, and a web3 Christmas or New Year could offer beautiful moments that last you a lifetime. 

Exploring Web3 experiences this year end could be a unique way to spend the holiday season. You, your friends, and your family can enjoy Web3 experiences such as watching videos and playing crypto games. The best part is that some of these activities can help you and your family make money while having fun. 

In this guide, you will discover some Web3 activities you and your family can engage over the holiday season and enjoy the beauty of the new internet experience.

Web3 Definition and Applications

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Web3 is the next evolution of internet technology, which promises to give users more power and transparency over their data and experiences. 

With Web3, users will have much more control over whatever they share on the internet, have more opportunities to earn money, and also have more security while using the internet. 

The co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin Wood, coined the term “Web 3,” which initially stood for the solutions the Ethereum blockchain promised. 

Today, Web3 has gone beyond that and is disrupting industries such as gaming, art exhibition, entertainment, and finance.

Adventures You and Your Family Can Explore With Web3

Web3 gaming

Web3 gaming is one of the activities you can engage in with your family and friends; it is a fun activity to engage in and earn while doing it. Web3 has disrupted many industries, including the gaming industry. Web3 games are more decentralised and provide opportunities for gamers to earn while doing what they like. 

Most Web3 games have ties with the blockchain. While playing the game, some activities take you back to the blockchain, where you use cryptocurrencies and NFTs. You can trade whatever your family won in cryptocurrencies or NFTs while playing blockchain games. 

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Virtual Reality exploration 

You would want you and your family to experience virtual reality together, as it has many lovely memories. Virtual reality (VR) allows you to play massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) with your family. Depending on the game, you get a VR headset and can play computer-generated games with this tool. Lots of these games are so fun that anyone between the ages of 2 and above can try them; moreover, they can feel so real you might think you are in another world. 

Gaming is one of many ways to explore virtual reality; you can take your family to a museum or art exhibition that supports virtual reality. With the VR headset, you can view art exhibitions in 3D format; this experience will remain a good family moment forever. 

Play Web3 lottery

If your family would like to add some gambling to their holiday activities, you might consider playing the Web3 lottery. Web3 lottery is just like any other lottery you know, but the difference is that it has more decentralisation and is more transparent than the traditional lottery system. 

Note that instead of winning fiat or any regular world currency, you earn cryptocurrencies of different kinds, from Bitcoin to Dogecoin. Web3 lottery is a more transparent lottery that uses cryptocurrencies as its rewards.

Mint NFTs for Fun 

Non-fungible tokens are not just minted for money; you can teach your family members how to mint NFTs just for fun, and they can earn money and join unique communities with them if they feel like doing so. 

Minting NFTs with your family can be done anywhere; it is even better at home so everyone can be relaxed while learning how to do so. To mint NFTs, you must have a crypto wallet ready and then connect the wallet to a marketplace. Once you are already in the NFT market, upload any digital file you want to mint as NFTs, you can list the NFTs for sale. Learning how to mint NFTs can be fun and educational, as it can help the younger generation keep up with what is happening worldwide. 

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Watch Videos and Listen to Music Using Web3 apps

For the traditional video system, you use apps such as YouTube or Tiktok to watch different types of videos from other parts of the world. For music, different music streaming platforms are available, such as Spotify, Audiomack, and even YouTube Music. 

However, it can be fantastic to let you and your family experience what it feels like with Web3 video and music apps. Many current applications function as Web3 video and music streaming software, including Audius, DTube, Canistore, and many others. 


Buy and Gift Someone Crypto

Due to cryptocurrencies’ growing popularity, they are now much easier to obtain. This season, you can choose to gift cryptocurrency to a loved one or loyal friend via an exchange.

BingX is a leading global crypto exchange that makes it simple to buy and sell cryptocurrency. It allows for simple account setup and crypto purchases. After signing up, you will receive a free wallet that will allow you to easily send cryptocurrency to your giftee’s wallet address.

Celebrating the End of 2022 with Crypto

Web3 is the future of the internet because it gives users a better experience and decentralisation while using the internet. During the holiday season, there are many things you can do with your family using Web3 technologies, such as playing with virtual reality, minting NFTs, and playing Web3 games. 

In addition, you can also buy and send cryptocurrencies to loved ones on an exchange like BingX to give them a better sense of the web3 revolution. With the rate of crypto adoption and integration, making payments and saving with crypto is something you can also learn with your family to end 2022 on a crypto high.


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