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What are Metaverse Avatars, and Why is Having One Awesome

Having a personal Metaverse avatar is quickly becoming a “must-have” in web3. 

Most people have played as virtual avatars in video games or online chatrooms. Avatars have been one of the foundations of games for decades, but the Metaverse is kicking that concept up a notch with more perks and ways to utilise a virtual avatar. 

The big difference between typical gaming avatars and Metaverse avatars is the ownership behind them. Fortnite, one of the most popular games today, is a prime example of avatar customisation’s role in keeping players returning and generating revenue for gaming studios.

In games such as Fortnite, players pay money for skins and other accessories for their avatar to stand out, but these items aren’t ever truly owned by the player. Instead, the items are locked to the player’s account and can’t be traded or bought by other players; hence, the studios keep all the money. 

This is where Metaverse avatars are bringing something new to the table by providing digital ownership, monetary bonuses, and even a new way to socialize online.

So what exactly is a Metaverse avatar, what can you do with it, and how do you get started with creating one? Let’s uncover the answers to these questions. 

What is a Metaverse avatar?

Source: Metaverse Insider

A Metaverse avatar is similar to those from your favorite games but has some twists that make them more useful and special. A Metaverse avatar is essentially your identity in the Metaverse paired with a way it proves your unique ownership. 

The effectiveness of digital identity has spread across social media platforms, where 2D profile picture (pfp) NFT art is already being used to represent someone and their personality.

One trait of Metaverse avatars that make them different from current avatar skins is that a Metaverse avatar isn’t restricted to just one platform or game. While avatars and skins in Fortnite are limited to that game and account, a Metaverse avatar can be used on Multiple Metaverse platforms, allowing the owner to take the avatar into totally different realms.

One of the biggest perks of a metaverse avatar is its flexibility. Considering the metaverse aims to be as realistic as possible, so will the avatars within it. You’ll have the power to modify your avatar to look exactly like you or how you envision you’d look in your fantasy world.

The same goes for the customization of the avatar, where you have the freedom to choose from different wardrobes and items. Nearly all custom items such as clothes and accessories, can be purchased through Metaverse platforms and games.

What can you do with a Metaverse avatar?

Before going in-depth about the uses of a Metaverse avatar, it’s important to note that two types of avatars currently exist. 

A VR avatar generally presents a first-person perspective where the user sees the metaverse from a standard point of view. Other users will be able to see more of the avatar from their point of view, but with limitations. Generally, this type of avatar doesn’t require complex movement. Due to technical limitations, it’s common that these avatars may not have legs and are depicted as floating torsos. 

Full-body avatars are seen from a third-person perspective and reflect the whole body. With these avatars, users can use the whole body to interact, including arms and legs. The most complex VR Metaverses out there use this type of avatar and it’s expected that future big projects in the Metaverse will also look toward this type.

There are many different ways to use your avatar, with new use cases evolving day by day. The main use for a Metaverse avatar is that it symbolises your identity while being your key to different platforms and games.

Source: Chinadaily.com

A Metaverse avatar often comes in the form of NFTs, which means that you can buy, sell, or trade the avatars if you wish. This adds another layer to virtual avatars, as they can essentially act as digital assets. Avatars can also provide access to play-to-earn games or be staked on certain platforms, providing the owners with passive income.

If playing games or building a revenue stream with an avatar isn’t quite your style, then it can be used in more entertaining ways. 

Musicians and celebrities are starting to utilize the Metaverse and avatars to create virtual concerts and events that users can attend. Noteworthy names who have already done this include Travis Scott, Snoop Dogg, and Rihanna.

You can even bring your avatar to work. The Metaverse isn’t all fun and games and has proven to be a major innovator in the rise of remote work. The virtual collaboration and communications tool Microsoft Mesh is a great example, which puts avatars in a realistic virtual universe that allows people to work together through VR headsets, augmented reality, and other mixed-reality tech.

Others use avatars for online social media purposes, such as Bondee. Bondee is a hot topic at the moment, and it’s possibly something you have bumped into on your Instagram feed or on other big platforms. Bondee is a brand new concept that launched on January 17, 2023, and is a virtual avatar social app that allows people to chat and interact with each other through its metaverse environment that got a cozy and casual “home feeling” to it. 

How to create your Metaverse avatar

If Metaverse avatars are still sounding cool, then it might be the right time to make one for yourself. 

Creating a Metaverse avatar depends on the platform that you’re looking to use but also depends on how you want your avatar to be. You might want to create one that has the same traits as yourself or get creative and design something that really stands out Or maybe you just want something completely down to earth like Bondee just introduced.

Some platforms utilize computer vision and AI to scan a photo of you and then render it into a 3D model. With this method, your avatar will turn out as realistic as possible. Other platforms provide you with a base model and allow you to customize it freely. This might be a tad less personal, but it will allow you to flex your creative muscles.

There are also cases where you might not have a handle on how your avatar looks at first. This instance occurs if you mint a project’s NFT avatar with completely random traits and designs. Minting is part of a project’s initial NFT drop, where you typically don ‘t get to choose the NFT you’ll get. By minting an avatar, you will likely get the avatar cheaper, and as the project develops, you might be able to customize it later.


With a Metaverse avatar in your wallet, it’s time to jump in and explore all the new adventures that await you.

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