Multiple Spot Trading Pairs Added on Bingbon

Join the Trading Community: Learn & Earn from Bingbon. To further improve users’ trading experience, Bingbon has launched the USDT trading pairs of ADA,BCH,LTC,ETC,EOS,NEAR. The specific […]

Global Investment in Blockchain Projects in the First Half of 2021 Has More than Doubled That of 2020

Join Trading Community: Learn & Earn from Bingbon. Today’s Headline A financial technology report released by KPMG indicates that the total investment into global blockchain and […]

Ethereum’s London Hard Fork, Can It Show Independent Price Action?

Join Trading Twitter: Learn& Earn from Bingbon. On July 15th, the Ethereum Foundation issued the official announcement of The. After announcing the successful deployment of the […]

Cryptocurrency Market Reversal: What Happened in the Last Week of July?

1. A Review of Cryptocurrency Market The overall market for cryptocurrencies showed a huge contrast around July 20th. Bitcoin has bottomed out before, falling below 30,000 […]