Cryptocurrency Market Reversal: What Happened in the Last Week of July?

1. A Review of Cryptocurrency Market The overall market for cryptocurrencies showed a huge contrast around July 20th. Bitcoin has bottomed out before, falling below 30,000 […]

Us Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Hinted at Discussion on a Regulatory Framework for Stablecoins

Bingbon Chart The price of Bitcoin has been relatively flat over the weekend, holding the $30,000 support level for the time being. Now Bitcoin is moving […]

Are More Billionaires Joining the Crypto Industry?

You’ve probably heard the name Stanley Druckenmiller, Paul Tudor Jones, Michael Saylor, Ray Dalio or Jack Dorsey somewhere. These are only a handful of billionaires who’ve […]

A Review of June’s Cryptocurrency Market and Data Analysis

Data Analysis 1.Market Performance of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in Terms of Market Value in June The market performance for the top ten currencies is similar […]