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The “A Brighter Future For Children” project is a meaningful humanitarian initiative led by BingX – a global cryptocurrency trading platform, with a plan to build a school for young children in the highlands of Điện Biên province.

The “A Brighter Future For Children” campaign is not merely a charity project, but also a collaborative effort involving reputable partners and organizations such as the Nuôi Em project, Sức Mạnh 2000, National Volunteer Center, and the MoMo e-wallet. It is also one of the first large-scale humanitarian events with support from over 100 cryptocurrency communities and organizations in Vietnam. This represents the connection between compassionate hearts, forming a united and positive collective with the goal of laying the foundation for a new future for the children in the Vietnam highlands.

A Better Learning Environment for Children in the Highlands

In the northern provinces of Vietnam, where vast mountains and forests hold countless dreams of the children residing there, it’s also a place where they face numerous challenges in life. The lack of material facilities and learning conditions is creating harsh scenarios, making the journey to acquire knowledge more difficult than ever before.

Therefore, BingX has initiated a meaningful journey called “A Brighter Future For Children,” aiming to provide young preschool-aged children in Xá Nhè, Điện Biên a sturdy school. In this new school, these children will have a better learning environment, thus paving the way for a brighter and more promising future.

The Fundraising Journey to Turn Ideas into Reality

The project aims to raise 600 million Vietnamese dong to construct the Xá Nhè Preschool in Điện Biên province, consisting of three new classrooms and an enclosed restroom. This will be a special gift for the children on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and at the same time, a stepping stone to illuminate the intellectual future of these young ones in this area.

Right from the inception of the initial ideas, BingX received significant support from the close-knit partner community of BingX in Vietnam. In a short span of time, the project garnered participation and assistance from over 100 prominent organizations and communities in the field. Notable participants include Tradecoin Underground, MarginATM, HC Capital, INFI Network, Blockbase, Rich Kids Trading, Fomonista, Crypto Family, TradeCoinVietNam, Coin68, Dr. Group, Lucky Trading, VIC, OnBlock Capital, TH Future, Cậu Cả Đầu Tư, CoinTV, 368Trading, Metawork, Metahub, Orion Crypto, and many more.

BingX initiates the support with 250 million Vietnamese dong, and the platform will additionally contribute to the enhancement fund based on user support (up to 200 million Vietnamese dong). Furthermore, there will be other contributions from BingX partners.

The ‘”A Brighter Future For Children’ campaign runs from August 15, 2023, to September 15, 2023. The official commencement date and project progress will be publicly updated on BingX’s official communication channels. By registering a new BingX account and participating in transactions on BingX, you are contributing to this meaningful school construction fund. For every new account registration, BingX will donate 3,000 VND to the school construction fund. Furthermore, for every 1 million USDT of trading volume on the BingX platform, BingX will contribute an additional 20,000 VND, providing better educational opportunities and expanding the realm of knowledge for the children in this region.

“BingX is committed to making a difference and positive change in the lives of underprivileged children in the highlands of Vietnam. Let’s spread compassion and unity together, so that these children can have a sturdy and peaceful learning environment, for a brighter future,” stated Mr. Alex Nguyen, a representative of BingX.

A Superior Trading Platform with a Humanitarian Vision

More than just an exceptional trading platform, BingX leads the way in aligning organizational development with socially impactful contributions. In 2022, BingX established a charitable branch with an initial fund of 10 million USD. The purpose of this fund is to allocate resources for charitable organizations, public welfare activities, and disaster relief efforts across different regions worldwide.

In this project, BingX, together with the Vietnamese crypto community, commits to making a difference and bringing positive change to the lives of underprivileged children in the highlands of Vietnam.

The ‘”A Brighter Future For Children’ campaign is not only a charitable initiative but also a symbol of unity and the embodiment of the compassionate spirit of the Vietnamese blockchain community and humanity at large. Each new account registration, each trading volume on the BingX platform, may seem like a small seed, but when combined, they are nurturing a brighter future. Let’s join hands for the next generation, so that love and knowledge will always shine on the path of their future.

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